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Objective TV

In 2010, Emin Huseynov established Objective TV (Obyektiv TV) an independent online news source dedicated to providing alternative human rights news from Azerbaijan, to counter the increasing government control of traditional news sources.

Objective TV focuses on issues generally ignored, underreported or reported with bias by the mainstream media, such as freedom of expression, the rule of law, transparency and civil rights. It is an independent media watchdog which promotes the freedoms, transparency, and political pluralism necessary for a democratic society. It provides a professional platform for opposition politicians, civil society leaders, journalists and ordinary citizens – all groups who are otherwise sidelined by Azerbaijan’s state-controlled mainstream media – in order to increase awareness of the gap between what the population needs and what the state is providing.

Objective TV was awarded One World Media’s prestigious Special Award in May 2013 for its “outstanding media content which has made a real impact on people’s lives.”

In August 2014, authorities in Baku raided the Objective TV studio and office and confiscated equipment, documents and assets. Objective TV staff have been harassed and interrogated by Azerbaijan’s Public Prosecutor office. As a result, Objective TV has been forced to cease its operations.